Yuletide Cheer

Jaelawyn Noble

Elijah moaned softly and buried his head under his pillow. Ick. It was hot and sticky, and it was suppose to be Yule. How could anyone celebrate Yule when it was 80 fucking degrees? Well, it's better than being 80 below, he supposed. He heard a knock on his door and groaned. No. No filming today. Want day off! Want sleep!

"Lij?" Dom called, poking his head into the room. "Time to wake up, mate."

"No…" Lijah moaned from beneath the pillows. "Sweep!"

Dom laughed and pulled the pillow off of him. "What was that again?"

Lij looked up at him and glared. "Sleep!" he snarled, and yanked the pillow out of Dom's hand and onto his head. He heard Dom's muffled laughter and pouted. He didn't want to do anything but sleep. Gods knew he had had little of it.

"Don't you wanna see what graces the Gods left us?" Dom teased, tickling Elijah's sides and grinning as the younger man squirmed and laughed helplessly, scratching at Dom's arms in hope to get away from the questing hands.

"Dom! Stop!" Elijah giggled helplessly. "Stop! Mercy! Uncle! Begging!"

Dom grinned and left him go, making a show of fixing the bow Billy and Sean had teasingly slammed on top of his head before pushing him into Elijah's room and running back to their own warm beds. He grabbed Elijah's arm and pulled him out of bed, "Now then!"

"Hey!" Elijah cried, pouting.

"Oh, shut up Elwood. You can sleep later."

Elijah stuck his tongue out at Dom.

"Child," Dom said, shaking his head and earning a smack on the head from Elijah.

"Hey! What's that?" Elijah asked, pulling the bow off of Dom's spiky hair.

"Ow!" Dom muttered, glaring as he rubbed his head. "That was my hair, Elwood."


"No you're not."

"Fine, I'm not."

Dom snorted and leaned against the wall.

"Why were you wearing a bow?" Elijah asked, turning it over in his hands, looking up at Dom, confused.

"What do presents wear?"


Dom made a "there ya go" gesture and grinned when Elijah began squawking.

"The Hobbits give you… a Hobbit," Dom snickered.

Elijah smirked. "That my only present?"

Dom had the grace to blush. "Oh, uhm… they left you some…uh… What they referred to as toys. Hobbit accessories."

Elijah giggled and kissed Dom. "Oh? Don't they know I already have them?"

"Love, they don't know. It's wise to keep them in the dark when you know they'll be evil about it."

Elijah rolled his eyes. "We should scandalize them."

"Oh, their presents will be equally amusing."


Dom laughed. "Well, Sean got a pack of condoms, Billy got lube… And then some of the various cast got other members of the cast. I think Orli was given to Karl, Craig, or Vig… Or all three."

"Poor Elf!" Elijah laughed, playing with Dom's hands.

"Mm… If he has any energy left, I'll eat my hat. With salt and pepper and ketchup."

Elijah grinned. "Rather you eat me, at the moment!"

Dom laughed and threw Elijah over his shoulder and onto the bed. "Then let's do what the Master demands!"

- Fin -