Elijah rubbed his soapy hands over his chest one last time and found goosebumps covering his skin.  Silly to be nervous about something that had been happening every night recently, but he couldn't help himself.  Just thinking about the first night his visitor had come made his hand shoot out and turn off all the hot water, causing a spray of ice-cold liquid to wash over him.  The shock calmed down certain body parts, but not for long.  

After drying himself off with a towel, then tossing it into the hamper, Lij splashed some cologne on himself and got ready for bed.  He used to wear boxers at night, but not anymore.  Why should he wear the constricting clothes to bed, just to exchange them with clean ones in the morning?

Yes, Elijah's boxers were always dirty at sunrise now.  Not that he had any control over it.  No, all that control rested in his visitor's hands…and what hands they are…

Lij stopped dead in his tracks and willed himself to regain his control.  Sighing, he sat down on his bed and remembered the first time he had been visited.  The guest had waited until Elijah was asleep before entering.  Then, he had started touching Lij, doing things to him that made him hard with the memory.  

Elijah had woken up shortly after the touching had begun, but hadn't dared say anything, for fear that his visitor would leave.  Or worse yet, it would all be a dream.  But it hadn't been.  No, the very welcome guest made a nightly appearance, and fulfilled almost every fantasy Lij had ever had.  Almost.  Just one more dream to make real.  Elijah wanted most of all to be buried in his lover in every way possible.

And that was what Elijah was going to fix tonight.  This would be the night that Lij would let his guest know that he was awake, and that he liked what was being done to him.  All Lij had to do was be courageous and speak up.  That wasn't so hard.  

So why hadn't he been able to do it the past three weeks?  He still didn't know.

Lying back, he pulled his covers up over his naked body to the spot just above his hips and awaited his nightly visitor.  His breath caught in his chest as he heard the door open.  Eyes quickly shutting, he silently forced himself to breathe. The bed slightly shifted as Orlando sat down beside Elijah.  Orli couldn't seem to keep his hand from running through Lij's soft hair, all the while he leaned in to inhale as much of Elijah as he could.  The sweet smell invaded his senses, and his eyes instinctively shut.  His little hobbit was so wonderful, so perfect, that he couldn't be real.

There was only one way to find out if Orli's dream was true: to feel, to taste.  He first rubbed his cheek against the bare chest, only waiting a moment to open his mouth and lick the warm flesh.  His mouth seemed to have a will of its own, because before he even knew it, his lips were closing around a rock hard nipple.  

Elijah gasped at the pleasure, and his lover suddenly stopped his ministrations.  No doubt Orlando was afraid that Lij had woken.  It would be the perfect time to let Orli know the truth, that he was wide awake.  But all this was so blissful that it felt like a dream.  

Something inside Lij made him alter his course of action.  Instead of following through with his plan and telling Orlando the truth, he simply sighed rather loudly and moved his head to the side, clearly indicating that he was out.  He was inwardly cursing himself so loudly, that Lij thought that Orli had to have heard, but he hadn't.

Lij discovered that when Orli gently moved his right leg over the hobbit, trapping Elijah between two strong thighs.  Orli pulled the covers down, and blazed a trail with his mouth down Elijah's body.  Elijah was already hard before Orlando came close to his erection, however, with one quick flick of Orli's tongue and he was ready to burst. Elijah squeezed his eyes shut as Orlando engulfed his entire throbbing cock in that exquisite mouth.

Suckling on the hot flesh in his mouth, Orli tried to fit more of Lij within himself.  Deep down, he wanted Lij in him in a more personal way.  What he wouldn't give to be able to rip off his own clothes and take Elijah in, but Orli knew that his unknowing lover wouldn't go for it.  Orli needed these nightly trysts to get by.  If his lover knew about these secret meetings, the little hobbit wouldn't allow it anymore.  Orlando didn't think he would be able to survive if Lij denied him those short moments of joy.  So he would have to be happy with the time he stole with Elijah and treasure them.  

Elijah couldn't hold back any longer.  He grunted as he released in Orli's throat, but Orlando wasn't satisfied with that.  The visitor completely licked Elijah clean before pulling the covers back up and kissing his hobbit on the forehead.  It took seconds for Orli to vacate the room, leaving Elijah alone again.

Rolling over, Lij hugged his pillow and softly wept into it, anxiously awaiting tomorrow night.