The Snow's Falling


He looked out the window. Snow was falling out of the sky. It was like they had predicted and it was lovely to know they were all here together. It was lovely and it made his heart ache for the one thing he couldn't have. Ironic, really. He snorted.

"Dom?" The voice that spoke to him got through and he turned around to face Elijah. He looked concerned. Really concerned. "You still haven't told him, have you?" He looked and said nothing, cause he knew Elijah knew the truth. He always did and that's why he could just say nothing and things would speak for themselves. "You should, you know."

He nodded and turned around. He should. But he could he do it for real? Could he just walk up to him and say it? He didn't know and it made his heart feel empty. But it wasn't empty, cause there was so much love. Elijah walked over to him and sat down on the arm of the chair Dominic was sitting it. Dominic soon felt Elijah's hands soothing his hair. He wanted to say something, but he didn't.

"You know what, Dom? Maybe you could share a room with him." He tensed up in the chair and it made Elijah giggle. "Tell him I kicked you out or something. Share a room with him and you never know what could happen."

"Oh, don't be insane," Dominic said and turned his head to Elijah again. "I don't think it's that wise to tell him how I feel. I mean, he doesn't feel that way and it can only do more harm than good."

"Just try, Dom. You'll never know how he feels unless you tell him." Elijah's blue eyes were sparkling and Dominic didn't know what to do. Of course Elijah was true and it was irritating him that Elijah was. Maybe he should just try what Elijah told him and see what happened. It might not work out, but he loved being around him and this was a great opportunity. He stood up and Elijah stood up too.

"You wouldn't mind?" Dominic asked Elijah.

"No, of course not. Billy is so much more fun than you, sitting here like you do because you're too afraid to tell him." Elijah smiled warmly at Dominic and Dominic decided. He should really do what Elijah was telling him, but why was he so scared inside?

"Thank you." Dominic tried to be offended, but he wasn't. Cause he knew what Elijah meant. He sighed and right that moment the door opened slowly. Laughs were heard and Dominic tried to look the other way. But he didn't, cause he was hypnotized or something by him. Billy and Orlando walked in, laughing and talking to each other.

Orlando looked in their direction and their eyes met. Orlando smiled at him, with that smile that only he had. The smile that had Dominic somewhat captured. He shook his head, to get rid of images that were now controlling his mind. Images that definitely involved Orlando. But none of them were with Orlando having any clothes on whatsoever.

"Hey, Billy, I was wondering. Maybe we could share a room, Dom and Orli can share together then." Elijah walked towards Billy. Billy was about to say something, but then swallowed whatever it was he was about to say. He just nodded and looked at Dominic with a grin that Dominic didn't appreciate.

Orlando looked at him and raised his eyebrow. Dominic just smiled back, cause honestly there was nothing to say.


They switched rooms that night. They stayed in, drank a lot, watched some movies. They did the things they usually did together. Got a little drunk, but not as much as maybe they should've been. Or drunker than they should've been. It didn't matter what should've been, cause things worked out like they did. And Dominic wasn't sure if he wanted it another way.

Billy yawned and Elijah stretched. Dominic sat on the couch and watched it with weary eyes. He didn't really know what to think, but the fact that sitting so close to Orlando wasn't good for his mind. Or some other parts that were never working with the brain.

"I'm going," Elijah said and he stood up. He looked over to Billy, a little too suspicious. "I'm going to bed." With that, Billy stood up too and grabbed Elijah's hand. He smiled at Dominic and Orlando and then they were gone. Giggling a little too loud and making a lot of noise which shouldn't be made by those two.

"Wonder what that was all about?" Orlando sighed and cuddled a little closer to Dominic. It was nice having Orlando's head on his chest and all cuddled up against him. But it also made his body react in lower regions which shouldn't be working now. He tried not to think about it, cause that could only cause Orlando to notice too.

"Mmm. Not sure."

"I have a feeling that you do." Damn, Orlando was quick.

"Well, Elijah thinks that I should tell you. But obviously I shouldn't, cause that would only make things complicated and I don't want that. I think Billy knows too, cause they've been so sneaky."

"Dom? What should you tell me?" Orlando said up straight and when Dominic looked up, Orlando was searching frantically for something inside Dominic's eyes. Dominic swallowed and looked away. Now he had to tell and he wasn't sure if he should. But he should, Elijah and Billy obviously thought so. He was going to.

"I like you, Orli. I like you a lot."

"I like you too, Dom, you know that."

"And I meant that I liked you as something more than a friend." The room grew quiet as both men were trying to hold their breath and save themselves from saying anything. Then Orlando's face broke in a smile. Dominic looked at him, questioning. Orlando just smiled back and leaned in before his lips softly touched Dominic's.

Dominic froze, but relaxed when Orlando's hand reached up and found it's way into Dominic's neck. Their tongues were frantically searching for entrance and once found, they wanted to leave nothing untouched. Dominic moaned into the kiss, the moment too surreal in his mind. But he loved it and he wanted nothing more than this.

"You liking that?" Orlando whispered against Dominic's lips, their eyes having contact the whole time. But when their tongues entered each others mouth again, their eyes closed. Getting lost in the feeling. Getting caught up in the moment of it all. He was so caught up, that he didn't realize that Orlando's fingers were busy with his shirt. Unbuttoning it slowly. Oh so slowly, when Dominic just wanted Orlando's fingers on his skin. And he got what he wanted, cause soon his shirt was gone and Orlando's fingers were discovering his skin. His fingers were cold on Dominic's warm skin. He kissed Orlando back, trying to add more passion when it was almost impossible to do so.

Orlando was quick. Real quick, cause his fingers moved towards Dominic's jeans to unzip it. Dominic had no intent to mess with that, cause it was exactly what he wanted. He just let Orlando do whatever he wanted to do. He was taking this roller coaster, cause it was all he had ever wanted. It took Orlando so little before Dominic was just wearing his boxers. It reminded him that he wanted Orlando naked too. So he took the step.

"Took you a while," Orlando moaned when Dominic pulled Orlando's shirt up over his head. And Orlando's chest was all what Dominic had thought it would be. Smooth, beautiful. So beautiful. He caressed Orlando's beautiful skin, his tummy. He wanted to touch and never forget. Burn his hands. But Orlando's hands found his and Orlando was impatient. Wanting Dominic to get him naked. So Dominic did what was asked of him. He undressed Orlando completely while he got out of his boxers and they were naked.

Naked on the couch.

Orlando was quicker than Dominic, like he had shown before. He pushed Dominic down in the cushions and on the couch. He kissed Dominic again, slowly. Very slowly, before his lips kissed Dominic's neck. Leaving kisses, wanting Dominic to remember those again tomorrow. Tomorrow, when they would wake up and all would be different again. But for now it was not on their minds. All that was on their minds was sharing this.

And coming. Orlando postponed that moment and he kissed a trail all the way over Dominic's chest, stopping with soft little kisses at Dominic's nipples. Dominic never knew they were so sensitive, but now he had learned. Cause he had trouble arching of the couch as Orlando was giving his nipples such a good treatment.

"Orli." He couldn't even form sentences. He could only form words, which didn't even sound like words but just whispers in the darkness. But it wasn't dark. The lights were brightly shining and Orlando was worshipping his body with his kissing. Those red lips that were so soft and tasted so good were trailing down. More down and down.


Orlando's fingers had found Dominic's erection before his lips did. Playing with the balls and moving his hand up and down, sending chills down Dominic's spine. If the sight of Orlando holding him so firmly in his hands wasn't enough, Dominic watched down to see Orlando licking on it. He arched of the couch, but Orlando's hands were holding him on his place firmly. "Dom." He was just saying his name over and over again, while his tongue was discovering Dominic's cock.

"Orli, please," Dominic moved his hands down and tried to get a hold of Orlando. He wanted Orlando to stop. He wanted Orlando to stop, but he couldn't. He couldn't let Orlando stop, cause he was coming down Orlando's throat the moment Orlando had completely engulfed him. He hadn't even warned Orlando and here he was coming.

He shivered. Orlando waited till he had swallowed all. Then he came up to kiss Dominic again. Dominic was in heaven and for a moment he forgot about making Orlando come. But just for a moment, cause then he was pushing Orlando down on the couch. He had never done this, but he wanted to give Orlando what he wanted. By the look of Orlando's cock he was more than ready for this.

Dominic swallowed all his fears and just went straight to Orlando's cock. He grabbed it between his right hand and licked at the purple top. Orlando moaned in response. He licked more and more till Orlando began shivering slowly. Then he decided to let his hands do some of the work too. He let his left hand trail up till they found Orlando's nipples. Sensitive, that was for sure. They became hard under his pressure on them immediately.

Dominic looked up at Orlando. Orlando nodded and then Dominic took Orlando's cock in completely. He sucked and sucked until Orlando was coming too. It wasn't bad, it tasted quite good, Dominic thought before he swallowed all of Orlando's cum.

His legs were heavy and he thought he was going to pass out, but Orlando's strong arms pulled him up so he was lying on top of Orlando. Orlando smiled at him and kissed him again. No tongue this time. "Thank you."

"Thank me? Thank you," Dominic smiled. "I do really love you, you know." Orlando nodded and there was no need to respond. Cause all had been shown and said. There was no need. They just lay there, on the couch. In each others arms. Listening to the breathing of each others hearts they fell asleep.