Elijah carefully opened the door to his house, peeking around it to make sure that Dom was nowhere in sight. He slipped inside and tried to silently shut the door, freezing at the soft click. He stood, waiting to hear Dom call out to him and breathed a sigh of relief when nothing happened.

Being careful to miss the board on the hardwood floor that always creaked, he crept down the hall. He was half past the opening to the living room before he realized that Dom stood behind the couch, a glass of water in his hand, watching him. Elijah swallowed nervously as he noticed Dom's smirk. Standing up straight, he shoved his hand behind his back, hiding his bag.

"Thought you'd be back earlier."

"So did I. Thought you were going to go out." Elijah took a step to the right, towards his office. He thought if he could reach the door, he could hide the bag and Dom would never be the wiser.

"Was. Decided not to. What do you have behind your back?"

Elijah froze again, unconsciously backing himself up against the wall. "Nothing"

Dom set his glass down next to the lamp on the table and advanced on Elijah. "Really. That's interesting because I could swear that you have something behind your back."

"What? This?" Elijah pulled the bag out from behind and looked at it as if to wonder where it had come from. "It's nothing."

"Nothing? A plain, brown paper bag and you're telling me it's nothing? Let me see it then."

Elijah laughed and hid it behind his back again, trying to back down the hall. "No. Get your own paper bag."

Dom reached out and grabbed Elijah's wrist, pulling him forward. He reached around with his other hand, stretching for the bag. Elijah giggled, trying to pull away and failing. Finally, Dom snatched it out of his hands and backed away a few steps, holding the bag out of Elijah's reach. "What? Is it porn? Let's see what Elwood wanks to."

"No!" Elijah made another pass at it but Dominic turned away, blocking him with one arm as he turned the bag over, the contents falling onto the floor. Dominic bent over and picked up the thin magazine. Elijah covered his face with his hands, blushing.

"C'mon, Elijah. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. All guys wank off to…*Elijah Wood…WhooHoo, He's Single*." Dominic looked up from the magazine to Elijah then back down. He tried desperately to keep a straight face but felt his shoulders begin to shake. "So…um…is it his big, blue eyes or his alabaster skin that turns you on?"

"You tell me. You're the one who's usually jerking off to pictures of me. Give it back."

"Can I ask why you have them?"

"The publisher gave it to my agent." Elijah reached over and tried to grab it again.

"I see. You're just reading it for the articles. I see. Let's have a look." Dom turned his back to Elijah, opened to the middle of the magazine, and pretended to read. Elijah wrapped his arms around Dom's waist, still reaching for the magazine. "Seems that young girls are very interested in our Elijah."

"At least I *have* girls interested in me."

Dom dropped the magazine and swung around, wrapping his arms around Elijah's shoulders. "Pretty eyes, clear skin. Got all the girl I need right here."

"I'm not the girl. You're the girl."



"Prove it."

Dominic laughed, easily twisting out of Elijah's hands. As he turned, he felt himself being pushed against the wall. Elijah was suddenly everywhere; holding his shoulders, slamming his head back as they kissed. He felt something sharp digging into his shoulder, Elijah's hands pulling at the fabric as if he meant to tear his shirt off. Dominic let himself be swept into the fury of the kiss, kissing back-biting when he could.

"So which is it? What turns you on most?" He began to bite back, bringing his knee up and pushing it between Dominic's thighs. Their combined weight slid them sideways against the wall. The frame behind Dominic slid with them, falling free and crashing to the floor. Dominic pulled his lips away to look at what fell and Elijah attacked his neck, hands moving off his shoulders and down to his stomach, pushing up on his toes, pushing his hardness against Dominic's. "God, I want you."

Dominic suddenly came to life, grabbing Elijah's waist, driving him backwards, his hands sliding up Elijah's chest. They hit the floor together, the lamp crashing down, plunging them into darkness. Dom's glass spilt, splashing them both with water. "Fuck! You okay?"

He was answered by hands seizing his shirt, attempting to pull it over his head as the other hand clawed at his back. Dominic raised to his knees, pulling his shirt off and tossing it across room. Straddling Elijah's thighs, he moaned when Elijah's hand stroked his stomach.

Raising Elijah's hands over his head, Dom pinned them against the floor, holding him still, giving his eyes time to adjust to the darkness. He slowly sat back on his heels, his face close to Elijah's body, inhaling the scent of cloves and cologne. He stopped at his stomach, the tattoo visible over the waistband of his low-rise jeans. Moving his mouth closer, he scraped his teeth in a slow bite over the Elvish letters. Elijah's back arched off the floor, his stomach concave, his face in a grimace. "Fucking hell!"

Dominic turned his head, scraping his bottom teeth over Elijah's stomach, down to his navel, plunging his tongue in. Elijah writhed then pushed his body up, flipping Dominic and straddling his waist, holding him down.

"You think you can hold me down, little bit?"

"Shut the fuck up." Elijah bent down and began kissing Dominic, letting go of his wrists and moving his hands over his chest. His hands loose, Dominic moved them to rest on Elijah's waist. "You've got the foulest mouth."

Elijah answered, lips pressed against Dom's chin. "Thought you liked my mouth."

"I do. But I think you need to be taught a lesson in speaking to your elders."

"Yeah?" Elijah traced a wet path from Dom's chin to his ear, nibbling on the lobe. "You going to be the one to teach me?"

Dom laughed, his eyes sliding shut as Elijah ran his tongue around the shell of his ear. "Yeah."

"What did you have in mind, Mr. Monaghan?"

Dom dragged his fingers in a slow circle at the side of Elijah's waist, his lips curling into a mischievous grin. "I don't think you'll like it."

Elijah raised his head, relaxing his body against Dom's and bending to press their lips together again. "No?"

"Don't think so…" he drawled before attacking Elijah's waist, tickling mercilessly. Elijah, breaking the kiss and laughing, tried to crawl away. But Dominic spun over and grabbed his foot, pulling hard, pulling Elijah back to him.

Still laughing, Elijah grabbed the leg of a table to stop his backward slide. Dominic yanked hard on his legs, jerking Elijah to him and toppling the table over. They heard the phone fly off and hit the floor as well as the sound of glass breaking. Dominic lunged at Elijah, still tickling. Elijah, giggling hysterically, began crying out "Stop! Stop! Oh god!"

Satisfied that he'd won, Dom sat back on his heels laughing along with Elijah who laid there, hands wrapped around his sides, still giggling.

"You give up?"


Dominic pretended to go for his stomach, and Elijah screamed and rolled on his side, laughing. "Stop. Stop. I give up."


"Yes! No more tickling."

"How about something else?"

Elijah giggled again, reaching up to wipe the tears off his cheek. He looked over his shoulder at Dom and nodded his head.

"Roll over." Elijah complied, letting his hands fall to the floor next to his sides. Dom reached out to slide Elijah's shirt up over his stomach again. Elijah covered his stomach with his hands, drawing his knees up to his chest. "I'm not going to tickle you again, c'mon."

"Don't believe you."

"How about if I don't use my hands?"

Elijah nodded his head, his eyes wide.

"Lay back down."

Elijah did so, resting his hands back on the floor.

Dom pulled his hands behind his own back, clasped them and lowered his head to Elijah. Taking the edge of his shirt in his teeth, he pulled it up to reveal a flat stomach. Moving back down, he licked a line to Elijah's bellybutton, pausing to nibble on the skin surrounding it.

Elijah sucked in a breath, curling his hands into fists as he felt Dom's warm, wet mouth on his stomach. He arched his back, twisting his hips as Dom's head lowered, licking his way to the tattoo then underneath the waistband of Elijah's jeans.

"Dom. Dominic." Elijah's voice wavered, choking out the name. His hands tangled into Dom's hair, pushing his face lower until Dom's lips brushed over Elijah's denim covered cock. He bucked his hips, desperately trying to feel more.

"No. No hands." Elijah warned as Dom steadied his hips. Elijah let out a whimper when Dom raised his head. He was missing the heat.

"This'll go a lot easier if I use my hands."

Elijah pushed Dom's head back down, breathlessly laughing a little. "No. Don't trust you."

Smirking, Dom returned his hands to where they were safely away from Elijah and lowered his head. He kissed along Elijah's waist, pausing to lick at the tattoo before reaching the top of his jeans. Taking the top flap between his teeth, he yanked hard, once, twice before the button slipped from its hole.

Elijah lifted his head, watching as Dom's tongue darted out to loosen the zipper pull before carefully taking hold of it between his teeth and pulling it down slowly.

Dominic growled deep in his throat at seeing bare flesh. "Commando. Taking lessons from our Billy, I see."

"Seemed to make since because…oh, my god, Dom!" Elijah lost all coherent thoughts as Dom took him in his mouth, his tongue sliding velvety smooth against the underside of his cock, swallowing him. He closed his eyes, hissing through his teeth and fighting not move his hips.

"Open your eyes."

Elijah opened his eyes and saw Dom's head just above the tip of his own cock, that pink tongue lowering to lick his slit, lapping up the silvery slick precum. Elijah moaned, stretching his arms above his head, searching for something to hold onto. He lost the fight for control over his hips as they jerked up towards Dom's mouth.

Taking the hint, Dom met his hips, swallowing, taking him deep into his throat.

Elijah felt the tightening in his stomach, felt his world condense to this one point. To this one sensation. He shouted, his words nonsensical as he came, wave after wave, hot inside Dom's mouth.

Finally, they collapsed together, panting, Dom's head resting on Elijah's stomach. Elijah stroked his fingers through Dom's hair, gently pulling him upwards, wanting to taste himself on Dom's tongue.

Dom slowly moved up Elijah's body, pausing to nuzzle his chest, before kissing him. Pulling away, he rolled onto his knees, running his hand down Elijah's body. "You're very beautiful."

Elijah had started to kick off his jeans but stopped when he heard Dom's compliment. He narrowed his eyes, trying to decide how to take it. But as Dom was obviously waiting for a response he said, "thank you."

"Just like a girl."

"Do you think so?" Reaching down, he pulled his jeans back up to his waist and sat up to face Dom. He massaged his fingers over Dom's erection. "Do you want me to help you out here?"

Dom smiled and nodded his head.

Elijah pressed him backwards onto the floor, his fingers firmly stroking the ridge through the denim. "Close your eyes."

Lying back, Dom closed his eyes and waited. And waited. Finally, he peeked and that's when the magazine smacked him on the stomach. "There you go. I'm sure you know what to do."

Dom picked up the magazine and looked at the cover again, then back up to where Elijah stood over him, his eyes challenging. Jumping up, he reached out to grab Elijah, who had already started to run down the hall towards their bedroom.

A few steps into his chase, Dom stopped. "You know what, Lij?" he yelled as he walked to the couch, stepping over the debris on the carpet. "I think the magazine will do just nicely! You look better in it, anyway!"

Dom held the magazine in his mouth while he shucked his jeans and boxers. Taking the magazine in his hand, he opened it up to the article. Looking at the pictures, he yelled out to Elijah again. "Even better! There's one here of you, Billy *and* Orlando."

Arms suddenly wrapped around his waist, hands reaching for his cock. Feeling Elijah's hard again and pressing against his backside, Dom gave a satisfied growl low in his throat. He held up the picture so that Elijah could see. "Very nice, the three of you. 'Course, you're still the prettiest."

Elijah grabbed the magazine and threw it over his shoulder. He grabbed Dom's shoulders and pushed him onto the couch, reaching down the stroke his ass. "So, who's the girl again?"