The trek up the beach is short, yet long enough for thick, ominous clouds to creep overhead, bringing an early dusk.  Dom is aware of, and is somewhat annoyed by, the spring in Billy's step as they reach the firmer ground where they're parked.  Taking his surfboard from under his arm, Dom plants one end into the mixture of sand and dirt at his feet and chances another upward glance. Grey, of course.

With a chill settling on the back of his neck, Billy leans his surfboard against the car, smiling just as he's been all afternoon. After several beautiful hours of sunshine, he can't see fit to complain about the likelihood of rain.  Free time has gotten to be precious and he wants to appreciate it, savour each moment.  As Billy opens the back door, he studies the dim reflection in the window.  He sees that his good mood isn't shared.     

Whether the sun is shining or not, Dom simply prefers beaches that don't look like the set of a horror movie. The water there is so dark and forbidding that he was expecting the Loch Ness to make an appearance.  He apparently hadn't complained enough the *first* time Billy brought him here.  

Grumbling to himself, Dom pulls the duffel bag off his shoulder, aims and swings.  It sails past Billy, hits the backseat and tumbles to the floor of the car.  Dom does nothing when he's challenged with a quizzical look.  Until he finds himself in an impulsive staring match.

Hours of driving ahead of him.  Hours.  Billy wishes he'd never turned around.

Dom is leaning on his surfboard, hand on his hip, hair fairly wet and dishevelled.  And the irritated expression isn't making him look any less sexy.  "You didn't get our clothes out?" Billy asks, his head turning away before his eyes are forced to follow.  

"No."  The long drive hasn't been worth the surfing alone.  And just because it's less populated than the southern beaches doesn't mean it's.oh, and why didn't he think of *that* before?  "Forgot," Dom says, still staring, but not at Billy's eyes.  The weather be bloody damned.

"I'll get them, then," Billy says, thinking it impossible for anyone not to fall in love with that beach, the serenity and seclusion of it. He supposes that Dom is used to the crowds of bodies on the California beaches.  Hoisting his surfboard, Billy plonks it onto the backseat before reaching for Dom's.  "It was brilliant out there. You enjoyed yourself, right?"  

"Yup."  Dom has no qualms about his perfectly white lie.  'Not yet,' would be a more truthful answer.  He hands his board over and watches Billy slide it lengthwise into the car, letting it fall on top of the other one.  That isn't going to do.  "You should maybe arrange them upright.  For the...uh." He finishes his sentence with a mumble.  

Presuming it's something he doesn't know about handling surfboards, Billy doesn't question what he couldn't hear.  "Oh, you're right!  For that thing with the.thing."  He frowns thinking about the damage he may have been doing to his favourite board.

Slightly wicked.  Just a tiny bit cruel.  Still, as Billy climbs into the backseat, Dom wants to pounce, doesn't want Billy having too much time to think.

Billy rearranges their boards to rest vertically against the far side of the seat then begins rifling through one of the bags on the floor. A balled-up pair of jeans is the first thing he finds. Having no idea if they're his or Dom's, and not feeling it important to check, he tosses them onto the seat. The shirt he comes to next is most *definitely* not his.  "When you start your own fashion line, Dom, don't expect me to help you promote it.  I'd rather not be seen wearing glittery cats on my shirts."

On any other occasion Dom wouldn't have just taken that crack.  But, glittery cats aside, he doesn't want to interrupt the man's rummaging. Not with Billy on his knees, his back slightly curved as he bends over the seat, wetsuit stretched nice and tight over his.

"D'yeh remember which one I threw the car keys in?"  There's a jingly rattle as something hits the carpeted floor.  "Nevermind," Billy says, leaning over further to pick them up.  

Dom coughs. Or clears his throat.  Or perhaps does both whilst mumbling something about 'bloody fucking hell'.  Just the two of them on the beach and there was no touching, kissing, nothing at all.  Obviously not, because they came there to surf.  But Dom didn't even make his customary lewd comment while Billy was waxing his board.  And he usually does *that* no matter whom is around.  Dom thinks it's about time to do something about the space between them.

Having gathered a small pile of clothing, Billy tosses the keys onto the front seat and makes his way back towards the open car door.  He puts one sandaled foot back onto the ground and then the other. "I was thinking that we could stay in tonight," he says, picking up his BMX Bandits T-shirt to turn it right-side-out.  "It'll be nice to laze about for a change, before things get hectic again.  We can order take-out, watch some telly in bed, and then we could-" Yanked backward by hands on his waist, Billy collides into Dom.  

"Shag all night?" Dom wrenches the shirt from Billy's hands, flings it into the car, clasps his hands at Billy's stomach.

Deciding that a second or two of indulgence can't hurt, Billy relaxes against Dom's body.  "I was about to say that same thing exactly."

"Sounds like a plan, shagging."

And it sounds so enticing the way Dom says it, the rumble of his chest against Billy's back.  "It does.  So let's get our kit on and get going."  Billy expects the arms around him to loosen.  They don't.

"But." Dom hugs a little more tightly, skating a thumb over Billy's navel, just able to feel its dimple under the wetsuit. ".we still have the drive back.  I may not make it."  

"What do you mean you may not make it?" Billy laughs.  "Going to self-destruct or something?"

"I might," Dom says, his mouth closer to Billy's ear, hands slipping further down his stomach. "You'd be driving and suddenly *boom*!"

"Boom, eh?"  Billy leans his head back, resting it on Dom's shoulder. Taking in the view of the looming clouds, he sighs, thinks about the long drive back to Glasgow.  "We'll stop somewhere, then.get a room for the night and just leave early.  Plenty of bed and breakfast places on the way out of Caithness."  Billy snatches both of Dom's roaming hands, lifting them a safe distance from seems to be their next target.  "Quit it, you."

Nestling his face into Billy's damp hair, Dom inhales the scent of the surf.  "Why should I?"

"We're only ten minutes from the first.what are you doing?"

His mouth is running along Billy's neckline, licking where suit meets flesh.  And as Dom's tongue delves between the pliable material and salty skin, he feels Billy's laughter before he hears it.

What, at first, feels like a crawling slug, begins to awaken and arouse more than Billy's ticklishness.  "Don't," he squeaks, his laughter gone, hands squeezing Dom's softly then not so soft.  

Dom slips his tongue free and bites onto the strip of Billy's collar, tugging until he hears the rip of Velcro. Releasing the collar from his teeth, he whispers, "So long as it's turning you on, I'm not stopping."

Feeling incapable of handling any more surprises, Billy drops Dom's hands and twists around.  Dom looks almost devilish, his stare piercing, and his mouth.definitely not your average 'just taking the piss out of you, mate' smile.  And the only way that Billy can keep himself from giving in right there is to say something.  "Aren't you hungry at all?"

"Famished," Dom says.  "It's your suit, you know.  Makes me want to get you *out* of it."

"What's that have to do with.?  You've never.." Billy pauses, watches Dom's eyebrows knit together, a frown forming. "You're not like this when we surf with others."  And the little crease vanishes as Dom bursts into laughter.

"You nutter." Dom leans in, his forehead touching Billy's. "I can control myself when I need to.  As for right now, we're alone and-"

"Ever hear of delaying gratification?" Billy interrupts, somewhat jokingly, somewhat impatient for Dom to just put his damn jeans on so they can leave.  But he also doesn't move his face away from Dom's. "I'm not so turned on at the thought of getting sand up my bum."  And when Dom grabs that very spot, Billy is a little surprised by the sound he makes. Only a little.

"Fuck, Billy."  Rolling about in the sand isn't one of his intentions, hearing Billy make that sound again is.  "Why are you assuming.what makes you think.?"  Bugger it.  Dom presses his mouth to Billy's, slides his tongue across the parted lips.  

By pure instinct, Billy raises a hand to Dom's face, lays his palm on Dom's cheek, then is unsure if he wants to pull him closer or push him away.  He does neither.  Tilting his head back instead, he lets Dom's tongue plunge into his mouth, lets Dom dictate just how deeply they kiss and for how long. A temporary weakening, at most.

Billy's fingers skim the side of his neck, their bodies press closer and Dom wants Billy's legs wrapped around him, wants to feel everything.  He kisses along Billy's jaw, tries to inch them closer to the car door with small shuffles of his feet.  "This is nice, isn't it?" he whispers, and they come to a dead stop.

"Are you now going to tell me it has something to do with this beach? Or the wetsuit?" Billy's amused and flattered by the grand seduction but is all the more impatient to leave.  He's looking forward to a soft, cosy bed.  And a hot cup of tea.  And Dom, hot in that soft, cosy bed.  "It'll be even better once we get a room," he says, swiping his thumb across Dom's lower lip.

"It's better right now." Dom traces two fingers down the cleft of Billy's backside.  He imagines he can make that part of the wetsuit magically disappear if he thinks about it hard enough.

Billy struggles to stifle any sounds of encouragement, but once again he thinks the silence will be his undoing.  "I were bitten by a horny fish."  Good enough.

Dom blinks.  "Erm, I think we should fuck."

Billy doesn't have a comeback.  Doesn't have any resistance left.  But, why the car? Cramped, uncomfortable, and cold.  He peeks around Dom to look at the beach.  Of course, they're the only ones there.  Who'd be daft enough to go surfing on a cold beach when it's going to rain?  And who'd be daft enough to shag under those same conditions?  They don't even have a blanket in the car. Nor a pillow.  And where's the bothersome family of ten and their dog when he needs them?

After having to physically stop Billy from leaning side to side, Dom decides to get more serious.  Or his neglected hard-on decides for him. "Maybe you've forgotten, Bill, but you always talk about this beach being deserted this time of year.  You brag about it, even.  Can't get you to shut up about it sometimes."  

Hearing his own words from Dom's mouth, Billy doesn't think he'll be seeing a cosy bed anytime soon.  "Well, yeah."

"You'd go on and on about how secluded it is and that you can come here and surf in peace.being one with the waves and all that shit.  Boyd Beach, isn't it?"

He can't recall actually naming the beach after himself, but it has a nice ring to it. "Sure."

"And even if it isn't your beach-"

"Our beach."  And Billy places a hand on Dom's hip, runs his fingers over the seam of the wetsuit.  He hasn't really thought it about it before--how it looks on Dom, how it feels on him.  "I can share."

Dom grins, bemused at how calm and collected he is, especially with the delirious aching between his legs.  "Even if it isn't *our* beach.we're parked behind these huge ass rocks and that backseat is looking mighty good to me.  No sand for your bum to worry about."

After turning to look at the 'huge ass' rocks and taking a glimpse at the backseat, Billy shrugs.  Dom has some good points.  If the man ever gives up his acting career, he might make a half-decent barrister.  

Dom feels Billy's hand slide to the front of his thigh.  He just needs that hand to move over a little more.  Up a little more.  Fuck. "Billy."

"Yeah?"  Billy smiles as he pictures Dom showing up to court in a shiny lavender suit with 'not guilty' written on both his hands.  He moves his hand again, up.  And that humorous image is replaced with thick,

"Oh, yes." Dom closes his eyes, pushes his hips forward for more of Billy's touch.  And there *is* more.  There's Billy's mouth, their lips crushing together, tongues fighting for control.  There's the firm pressure of Billy's hand on his crotch, which has Dom promptly submitting, letting Billy explore his mouth with escalating intensity.

Billy wants Dom in the flesh, in his hand and pulls away in hopes of making it happen.  But he looks down, and then can't do much of anything else.  He can only stare at the sight that has him immeasurably aroused.

The touch is suddenly gone, along with Billy's presence, and Dom opens his eyes, frowning.  "Where.?"  He sees Billy sitting in the car, on the edge of the seat.  He doesn't think he can stand for Billy to start playing around *now*, not when he's in this.state.  "Why'd you stop? Are you teasing me?  Okay, maybe I deserve it, but-"

 "Come over here." Billy crooks a finger.

Dom walks forward until his legs are between Billy's knees.  His hands quickly find the top of the car for much-needed support as Billy wastes little time in resuming the intimate massage.  "That feels.." The stretchy, spongy material moving over his erection is the oddest sensation--odd, but incredible and...not again.  Dom doesn't want to beg when the touching stops, but he hears himself begin to whinge, nevertheless.  "Please."

"That is so hot, Dom. You're so.God, it's.."  And then there are better things that Billy wants to be doing with his mouth.

Guessing that Billy's incoherency is related to the wetsuit, Dom feels a twinge of jealousy.  He's been so stirred up by the notion of Billy's ass in the suit, that he hasn't considered the *other* side.  "Maybe we should switch places, eh?"

"No." Billy leans forward, moves his mouth along the length of Dom's trapped erection, then closes his lips around its width.

"Jesus, Bill! Oh fuck!"  Dom looks down between his outstretched arms and is weak in the knees.  "Oh my.."  

Pressing his tongue against the hard bulge, Billy gives a forceful lick, tasting a combination of seawater, rubber and Dom. He can't decide which he likes more, seeing Dom like this or feeling him in his mouth.

Dom's voice catches in his throat as Billy's tongue laps at the contour of his cock.  Pink moving over black.  "If you keep.if you."

Hearing the voice above him waver, Billy raises his head and nods. "You need to get this suit off." He reaches up and around to Dom's back, feeling for the dangling string.

"No, I can do that," Dom says, stepping back from the car.  "You do your own."  Stretching his arm behind his back, Dom hooks his thumb through the loop and begins pulling down his zipper.  It's less than halfway down when he stops.

With his zipper already open, Billy wriggles his arms out of the suit and peels it down his chest.  Looking up, he sees that Dom hasn't made the same progress.

"On second thought.." Dom bends down, putting one knee on the seat and his hands on Billy's shoulders.  "In."

Scooting backwards along the seat as Dom crawls forward, pushing him, Billy knocks the clothes in his path onto the floor.  "We need to get these off before's already dry as it is."  He reaches for Dom's zipper again.

"No. Just lay back." As Billy reclines without further question, Dom focuses on his lightly furry chest.  He looks up quickly when he hears a dull thump.

"Ow! Damn it!" Billy rubs the back of his head and turns to look at the surfboards behind him.  If he had *known* he was going to be sprawled out in the back of his car, he would've put aside some time for cleaning out the trunk first.  It isn't a major concussion, but he's beginning to regret the whole thing already.

"Be careful."  Dom says, a little too late.  He's unable to keep a straight face but doesn't laugh outright.  "You okay?"

 "I'm fine, but I can't.I don't think that." With the dry suit constricting his movement, and Dom's knees between his legs, it proves difficult to reposition himself.  

 "Slide down, Billy."  If Dom hadn't been joking about exploding earlier, he thinks that now would begin the five-second countdown.  

"I'm trying!  You don't have to give me orders like I'm some bloody.hey!"  Hands grasp his ankles, pulling, and Billy slides down the seat, not before hitting his head on a surfboard again.

Much better, although nothing can be done about Billy's feet hanging off the seat.  Getting back into the car, Dom crawls forward until he's looking down at Billy's cross expression.  "All settled," he says and places a kiss on the frowning lips.

"Bastard," Billy mutters, quickly forgetting why when he feels Dom's mouth on his chest.  

Dom licks one of Billy's nipples and sucks it between his lips, giving a gentle bite as fingers grab at his hair.  Billy is twists, turns, writhes, can't keep still, but Dom expertly follows every contortion to keep his mouth where he wants it.

When Dom moves to the other nipple, Billy thinks he may fall off the seat and hit his head again. He clutches Dom's shoulders, trying to get his attention, trying to pull him up and finally his nipple is set free.  Billy calms as he feels kisses trailed up his chest.

Dom aligns their hips, moves against Billy, slides their cocks together, reproducing the feel of the wetsuit against his skin. "Amazing," he groans, his mouth pressed to Billy's cheek.

"It are."  Turning his head, Billy finds Dom's lips and nibbles on them.  He runs a hand down Dom's back, finding and lowering the zipper the rest of the way.  

"One minute," Dom murmurs against Billy's mouth, before lifting and sitting back on his heels.  He rips his collar open, moving as quickly as he can to get his arms out of the wetsuit.

Without the distraction of before, Billy notices how the seat creaks when Dom moves and how his feet feel somewhat higher than his head. Then there's the smell of the rain, Scotch mist, stronger than before. "What about the door?" he asks, feeling the chill on his feet.

"Maybe if we were actually hobbit size," Dom chuckles, pushing his suit to his waist.  "Can't close it.  I'd break your feet."

"Oh, lovely thought, Dom."  Billy can't believe they're not only going to have sex in the car, but that they're going to do it with the door wide open.  And it doesn't help to think they could already be snug in a bed somewhere.

"S'truth," Dom says, looking down at Billy's body.  The wetsuit needs to come off, all the way off, and he knows it isn't going to be easy. He should have listened to Billy earlier.  "Raise up, would you be so kind as to raise up a bit, William?"

"Sure, Dominic," Billy smirks, putting his arms down on the seat to prop himself up.

After several minutes of Billy shimmying, Dom almost falling out of the car, and Billy complaining about the seat being cold on his legs, the wetsuit is finally chucked to the floor.

"I'm knackered, now," Dom sighs, laying himself down, not feeling quite as randy as before.  He supposes that after a brief rest they can just start all over again.

Wrapping his arms around the man on top of him, Billy smiles.  "We could get arrested for this.  They'll call us perverts for doing this in broad daylight."

Dom lifts his head. "It's not broad daylight, Billy."  

" know what I mean."

"We have money."

"That's called bribery. Also a crime."  There are light raindrops and Billy tries to bring his feet further into the car. "I don't think we're even supposed to be parked this far up the beach.  A parking ticket will be our ruin."

Dom hears the worrying, but isn't seeing an ounce of it on Billy's face.  "You know what?"  

A small part of Billy hopes it has something to do with moving their activities to a warm room somewhere.  A warm and *dry* room.  But since they've gotten that far, he isn't counting on it.  "I know what you're going to say."

"That I don't give a fuck?"

"Yep, knew that."

And break-time is over for Dom. "Know what else?"  

Billy starts to ask, but Dom's tongue gets in the way.  They kiss unhurriedly and luxuriously until a steady downpour begins outside, followed by a gust of wind.  Billy breaks the kiss and tries to bring his feet in again.  "It's-"

"I want you," Dom says, more interested in *how* Billy's squirming beneath him than the reason why.

Cold and wet feet, but.Dom swivels his hips, grinding down.  "Need you," Billy groans.

Dom gets up, kneeling and lays a hand on Billy's stomach.  It's soft and warm to the touch, gently rising and falling, as Billy seems to be breathing more deeply than before.  He lets his hand glide downwards until his palm is over Billy's cock.  

Billy wants to shout several things at once--things about being uncomfortable and unpleasantly cold, and Dom moving too slowly.  Too bloody slow.  Then Billy opens his mouth and only one word comes out. "Yes."

As he moves his hand on Billy's cock, Dom uses the other to slip his own wetsuit further down his thighs.  

Even as his pleasure rises, as Dom caresses him, making him harder, Billy is thinking ahead, anticipating. "Do we have.anything to use?" he asks breathlessly.

Reaching down to the floor with his free hand, and without answering, Dom searches through a bag until he finds a bottle of lotion.  He hits at the pump with impatient and clumsy fingers.

"Did you find something?" Billy asks, eager.  He doesn't get a response, but Dom's hand is moving faster on him. And faster.  "Dom!"

Bringing his hand out of the bag, Dom gives his full attention back to Billy, who is arching up from the seat, his mouth open and eyes shut. He slows his hand before unwrapping his fingers from Billy's cock. "Spread your legs more," he says, one hand reaching for the floor again, the other readying himself.  "I'm trying to multi-task here."  

Unable to do more than smile at Dom's words, Billy repositions one of his legs, pressing his knee into the back of the front seat.  He feels something pushed underneath him, raising him from the seat.  "Are those our clothes?"  The seat creaks, two fingers push into him and Billy's smile is gone.  "Fuck, that's cold!"

"Sorry," Dom sympathises, having felt the same from his other hand.

Seconds after complaining, or even less, and it can be a hot, sweltering summer's day for all Billy knows.  "Now," he begs and Dom apparently doesn't need to be told twice.  Hands are on his thighs, lifting.  Fingers that are no longer in him, under his knees, pushing.

A sandal smacks one of Dom's shoulders and a cold, wet foot lands against the other.  Words are already leaving his mouth as he sinks into Billy's warmth.  "Your foot.fuck."

Billy's stiffens and almost forgets to breathe.  He reminds himself, forces himself to relax while Dom is filling him.  Stretching him. "All of you.I want.."

Dom pushes in willingly, gives Billy what he wants. And in return, there's whimpering, shuddering and clenching, all threatening to overpower his senses.  "So good, Billy.  You feel so good."  He lowers himself to Billy's body, rests there once again.  "I think I'll come if I move."

"No, you won't." Billy rubs Dom's back and is pleased to not feel the cold goosebumps that he expected.  Only warm, smooth skin that seems to be heating even more right under his fingertips.  "It's raining."

"I know."

"One of my shoes fell off."

"I know that too."  

"Just trying to help." Billy smiles.

Dom kisses him softly.  "Thanks.  Your legs okay?  Comfortable like this?"   

Billy shakes his head.  "Mmm, not really."

"No?" Trying to put less pressure on Billy's legs, Dom edges back a little, groaning with the sensation of his every movement.  "Are this better?"

Shaking his head more emphatically, Billy gasps, "Fuck me.  Hard."

Dom is immediately back up on his knees, gripping Billy's legs again. He eases himself out, bites his lower lip, slickly pushes back in.  "Oh God."

"Hard, Dom!"  And Billy's whimpers are drawn out into loud moans as Dom begins to thrust hard and fast.  

His body quivering, vibrating, Billy grasps at the back of the seat with one hand, then grips the side of it, but his fingers keep slipping away.  With Dom too far away to reach and continuing to slam into him, Billy searches desperately for something to cling to.   

Dom doesn't know how he's lasted so long, he only knows that he has and that he doesn't want to stop.if he can even bring himself to stop.  The rocking of the car, the momentum, is pushing him faster, building his rhythm.

The surfboards are being jostled so violently that Billy is sure one will fall on his head, but at least it'll be something to hold on to. He hears Dom's harsh breathing, feels him shifting, gripping his thighs again, pushing harder.  And there's a sudden tightening in the pit of Billy's stomach, followed by an incredible throbbing between his legs. He finally finds something to do with his hands.  

His every muscle is sore, his arms and legs weak and Dom is relieved to feel the familiar shiver and rush.  The indescribable feeling ripples through his body and shoots straight down to his cock.  And Dom slides deep into Billy, moaning, shaking, not recognising it as the last thrust, until it is.

Billy knows that Dom is coming; he feels him coming.  And through the bliss of his rising orgasm as he strokes himself, Billy sees Dom swaying forward.  He moves his hand just in time.

Dom trembles as arms embrace him and he feels Billy's cock pressing hard against his stomach.  Exhausted, he slithers his hand between their bodies, stroking Billy quickly until there's wetness and shuddering beneath him.

Their chests move together, laboured breathing matching in intensity, until they gradually quiet, leaving only the sound of the rain spattering against the windows.

"Can you reach a towel or anything?" Billy finally says, barely above a whisper.

"Mmhm." Dom throws an arm out; it hangs off the seat as motionless as the arm still stuck between their bodies.

Billy thinks he can live without the towel, for now.  "We can't sleep here, Dom."

"I know.  Wish we had a blanket."

As Billy ponders the contradiction, they're quiet again for several minutes.  Until. "Foot fuck?"

Dom gives a muffled laugh into Billy's shoulder.  He raises his head and reveals the wide grin on his face.  "Horny fish?"

"Shut up," they both say, mouths moving closer, laughing into their kiss.  

A few more chuckles spill out as Dom separates his lips from Billy's. "God, I love my ideas."  And he thinks he may have fallen in love with a certain gloomy, Scottish beach.

Billy presses his lips to Dom's forehead.  "I hate your bloody ideas," he sighs, wondering how it may change their future surfing outings.  It isn't a cosy, warm bed,'s not so bad.  He thinks he can stand to be more spontaneous every once in a while.  Even if his feet have to suffer.  

"Five more minutes?" Dom asks, nuzzling his face into the softness under Billy's chin.  

"Ten," Billy responds.  He feels Dom's open mouth against his skin, breathing steady and evenly.  "Or more," he adds before closing his eyes.

The End.