Lounge Life

by Lady Moonray*

Dom looks adorable when he's been sleeping on a plane. Or Billy thinks so, anyway. Dom just thinks he looks like someone who's been sleeping on a plane. Hair sticking up at the front, squished at the back. Sleepy eyes and brain distinctly out of gear.

"How long is the stopover again?"

"About 5 hours. Not long enough to be worth getting a hotel, not short enough to sit around. What are we going to do?"

"How about finding an airline lounge? Maybe we can use the showers or something. Or just fall asleep."

Billy is surprised that Dom's able to think that well - he would never have thought of that. He was resigned to lying about on uncomfortable airport benches for a few hours, then checking in and doing the same thing somewhere else.

When it comes down to it though, it's Billy who has to do the organising. Dom's too sleepy and jetlagged. Poor Dom, he's been partying a bit too hard and long of late.

After a few enquiries and language (or accent) difficulties, they find themselves in a busy first class lounge. With free drinks, Japanese television, and not much to do.

"Did you mention showers?" Billy asks after poking Dom in the ribs. He'd been going all quiet again, but eventually agrees that a shower might wake him up. They head off to the bathrooms.

"This can't be it!" Dom is trying not to fall over laughing.

"Well it must be! This is where they were pointing."

Billy's grinning hugely. They've opened the door to a miniscule cubicle, with a half-sized bath inside. The shower inside it is about 5 feet off the ground. Neither Dom nor Billy are particularly tall, but this is going to be fun.

Billy pushes Dom into the cubicle, right to the back.

"What are you doing?"

"This is too good to miss, Dom. I have to see you in that shower!"

Billy squeezes in and shuts the door.

Dom blushes. He's fiddling half-heartedly with the buttons on his shirt. Billy thinks Dom looks very pretty like that.

"Need a hand?"

Dom just drops his hands and looks helpless. It's a really, really small room and despite the fact that he's standing in the shower, Billy is pushed up against him.

Billy takes control. He removes Dom's clothes slowly and awkwardly, piling them on the shelf behind the door. There's no shower curtain, just a drain in the middle of the floor. So of course Billy has to get undressed too. Dom just stands there helplessly while he does it. He's too tired to even stare at naked Billy, which is saying something.

Billy reaches over to switch on the shower. Of course the water comes out cold at first, making Dom yelp with surprise. Billy's briefly tempted to leave it cold, but that wouldn't really suit his purpose at all.

The water turns warm, then fairly hot. Dom relaxes, but he's still too sleepy to do anything else. Billy takes the soap from the shelf, and starts smoothing it over Dom's chest. The hot water and soap is so soothing, Dom leans back into the corner and just lets him get on with it.

Billy turns him slowly until he's resting with his forehead in the corner, a shoulder against each wall. He gently applies soap to Dom's back, rubbing gently and feeling the muscles relax. He steps forward, plastering himself to Dom's back and sliding his hands round to the front.

Dom's half-hard already, though he really hasn't the energy or focus for sex. But Billy's touching him, stroking gently, and his body is responding even if his brain won't. He throws his head back, resting it on Billy's shoulder. Billy sees that as an invitation to lean forward and lick his neck, slowly and gently.

Dom's moaning softly, but Billy picks up the pace and the moans get louder.

Billy holds him tightly when he comes, and holds him up afterwards. Now Dom's completely exhausted, and has to be washed all over again. He looks guiltily at Billy's erection when he turns around, but Billy calms him quickly;

"It's OK, I know you're too tired."

Just when they think they must have used all the hot water in Tokyo, they're both finally clean. The towels are rather damp by now, but they do their best to get dry and dressed. Dressing is interesting in that small space, and Billy has to do all the work again.

Eventually they stumble out of the cubicle, intending to head for the cafe in the corner of the lounge. But as they turn the corner to the main lounge, about 300 heads turn and stare at them. Dom doesn't notice straight away, he's too busy coping with his bag. He does realise when Billy stops in horror, his face flushing red. Dom looks up, sees hundreds of accusing eyes mixed with amused looks.

They both turn and run from the lounge as fast as their legs can carry them.