Green Eyes


Eyes, Dom thought. It was the eyes that caught him first.

Good ol' Billy, best buddy, Pippin to his Merry, or Merry to his Pippin as it seemed in real life - all of that fell apart the first time Dom looked, really looked, into those deep green eyes. Not Elijah visible-miles-away eyes, but beautiful and captivating.

Sparkling like the ocean? No, way too wanky.
Deep as the ocean? Well…
The colour of the ocean?

Okay, so they're ocean-like. Dom got that. They had that special sparkle, that twinkle in them at times like waves on the water. Okay, now that's really overdoing it. They're pretty, that's it. No, nice. Nice eyes. Nothing wrong with that, despite the fact that said eyes were just about burning marks in his skin from across the room.

Dom's eyes left the page and looked up at Billy, who was leaning against the back of the door, waiting. The pen slid from the book and Dom let the pages close, sliding it onto the bed beside him. Raising an eyebrow, he waited.

Billy advanced slowly. One foot, pause, then the other, drawing it out for as long as possible. Those eyes were forever moving all over his body, drinking in every feature. Dom felt goose bumps rise on his skin and he swallowed under the intense scrutiny. Billy's lips curved upward into a friendly smile that didn't match his prowl.

"Billy, Billy, Billy." Dom shook his head, breaking the tension.

"Dom, Dom, Dom," Billy replied with a grin, crawling up the bed on all fours.

"When did you get all seductive like? What ever happened to 'fancy a shag' Billy or 'quick, while no-one's looking' Billy?" Dom frowned, eyes locking on Billy's as he moved closer to him.

"A man can't live on quickies in trailers alone, Dominic."

"Not even with costumes?" Dom pouted as he lay back on the bed.

"Especially not with costumes. One more time and you'll ruin my perfect Pippin mindset." Billy paused over him, contemplating which article of clothing should be the first to go.

Dom sighed deeply, stretching to push the diary onto the nightstand.

"Bill, I told you. Pippin's worshipping of Merry went exactly that far. Therefore, its perfectly acceptable - no, necessary - for you to incorporate some lusting over me into your Pippin thoughts."

"You think so?" Billy's fingers paused a millimetre above his shirt and he glanced back up at Dom.

"Yep. They're a total bunch of inbreds."

"You have just taken the magic out of it for me, you know." Billy rolled his eyes, crawling over to lie beside Dom and propping himself up on his elbow.

"I'm insulted. You get to imagine shagging me. What's more magical than that? Besides actually shagging me, of course. Speaking of which, why are you lying way over there instead of being on top of me? I was enjoying that."

"I figured you were going to keep me talking for a while and I thought I should save my energy."

"Oh, well, I've stopped now. Continue." Dom crossed his arms behind his head, getting comfortable.

"For someone who I'm supposed to have a 'mental telepathy' kind of friendship with, you sure talk a lot," Billy said with a laugh, crawling back along the bed to Dom. "Not everything needs to be said, you know."

"Just making sure you get the little things right."

"Dom, I know you." Billy glanced up with a grin as he popped open the button on Dom's jeans, his fingers grasping at the zip and tugging it down. "Little things and all."

"Okay, attention goes elsewhere when we're discussing things that are little."

"Shut up." Billy crawled on top of him, pushing Dom's t-shirt up and lowering his head to lick the smooth pale skin.
Hearing a small whimper, Billy smiled and pushed Dom's shirt up further, accidentally on purpose brushing his nipples. A moan. Straddling his thighs, Billy tugged at Dom's t-shirt, motioning for him to sit up to help him remove it.

"Do I have to do all the work?" Dom grumbled, tossing his shirt across the room to let it fall on the floor.

Billy replied with a grin and a shake of his head as he traced his fingers over Dom's naked chest. His fingers gently trailed down his breastbone, leaning forward so his tongue could follow the same path, each touch eliciting another groan from Dom. Billy's toes curled at the noises, almost guttural, so he wriggled backwards slightly and leant forward to press their chests together. Billy couldn't help but nuzzle into that long, smooth neck and he felt Dom tilt his head back accordingly. Kissing the skin, Billy drew his tongue down, tasting fruity soap and the remnants of salt water from the beach, the two somehow combining to make his head spin. Placing a kiss on Dom's Adam's apple, his breath catching as he watched it move, Billy stroked Dom's collarbone lightly, his mouth moving over to compare tastes. Licking slowly along the bone, Billy heard heavy breathing directly in his ear and he shivered.

Wriggling down Dom's body, he let his fingers move down first, teasing and caressing soft skin before his mouth followed.
"You smell good," Billy whispered, mouth moving to gently lick his nipple. "Taste good too."

"And you teased me about having girly soap," Dom breathed, managing a smile around his gasps.

"Never again," he promised, leaning in to kiss him briefly before he sat up.

Dom tried to reach up for another kiss, whining when Billy firmly pushed him back onto the bed. Grumpily, Dom lay back and waited. When he felt that tongue on his skin again, he moaned happily.

"You could make a fortune out of that mouth if this bombs, you know," Dom told him, watching the top of his head.

"Mmhm." Billy licked his lips and pressed a wet kiss to Dom's stomach.

He moved down to let his mouth reach Dom's bellybutton, licking a path around it as he shifted, knees moving down first, then hands as he crept backwards down Dom's body. He placed another kiss on his navel as his fingers curled around Dom's jeans, tugging on the waistband. Complying, Dom raised his hips and thighs, balancing unsteadily as his jeans and boxers were pulled down.

"Aah, its cold," he complained, lying back down. Shivering, he pressed his palms into the mattress to keep from forcing Billy's head down. He'd get there in his own sweet time, as always, the tantalising lead up designed to torture. Bastard.

Billy ignored him, his mouth and eyes fixated on the naked body in front of him. Fingers curling around Dom's hips, he ran his tongue down the faint line of hair, his thumb stroking his hipbone as he moved down. His tongue continued down Dom's body, licking and teasing him, not lifting from his skin once.



Billy's hands slowly slid down his thighs as he opened his mouth for Dom. He slid the other hand between Dom's thighs, moving back further between his legs, knowing just where to touch him.

"Ohhhh!" Dom moaned, arching his back.

"Ssh, the others are next door."

"You try being quiet when you're doing that to you."

Billy lifted his head and frowned. "How do you propose I do that?"

"Just… keep going. That mouth could be put to better use elsewhere."

"Classy, Dom."

"I never claimed to have class." Dom wriggled around uncomfortably.

"Oh, I know." Billy's hand slid beneath Dom's body, squeezing his arse gently, smiling when Dom let out a grunt.

"Have you been talking to Orli?" Dom struggled to sit up to look at Billy.

"I'd rather not think about him now actually." Billy licked his dry lips, eyes dropping to Dom's groin.

Dom gave a painful groan. "I should hope not. Now, less talking, more sucking."

"One more remark like that-"

Dom growled, throwing his head back on the pillow in frustration. "Bill! Stop! You. Down There."

"Why, Dom, when you make it sound so romantic…"

"I'll romantic you. Get back to it."

"You'll romantic me?"

"If you're trying to kill me-" Dom said through gritted teeth.

"I wouldn't want to do that," Billy reassured him, sliding his hand back between his legs, index finger stroking him in all the right places. Shifting slightly, he pushed Dom's hips back down on the thin mattress and slipped a hand between his legs, worming a finger further back and stroking his entry, eyes still locked on Dom's face.

"Ohhhh… fuck me."

"Well, if you'd shut up for two seconds-" Billy couldn't resist adding.

"One more word-"

"Stop talking to me then!"

"Stop answering things that don't need answering."

"And be accused of not listening?"

"Trust me, I won't mind."

"Very well," Billy said with a grin, lowering his head again.

Dom moaned softly, fingers twitching. Between the mouth and tongue on him and the fingers pressing into him, he was struggling not to beg. Determined to keep his dignity, he pressed his head back hard into the pillow, trying to stop his brain zeroing in on everything. Lying back and feeling Billy do this to him was enough, but thinking about those soft lips wrapped around him and the same fingers that would stroke his hair gently being between his legs, groping and caressing and pushing was more than enough. Feeling a bead of sweat run down his face, he groaned, and then gasped as one finger pushed deeper inside him and in exactly the right place. Before he could cry out any more, Billy doubled his efforts in all places and Dom found himself crying out in climax.

He lay back, gasping for breath and suddenly aware of the cold air on his naked skin. After a moment's breather, he found his voice again. Any ideas of beautiful declarations of love were gone. "Fuck," he said with a sigh. "Fuck, Bill."

"That met your standards then?" Billy crawled back up, grinning even as he pressed a kiss to Dom's slightly open mouth.

"I'll say." Dom replied, grabbing Billy around the waist and pulling him on top of him, reaching for another kiss. Those fingers were in his hair now, tugging at it gently as they kissed and when Dom opened his eyes, he found those mesmerising green eyes were once again locked with his own.