It was snowing, but barely. Thin ragged flakes twisted in the air, landing on frozen ground and clumping together to form thin white streaks on dark brown mud. They were taking a walk in the countryside and trudged along, wrapped up in hats and scarves against the chill weather, holding hands.

Orlando stopped walking and stuck out his tongue, tilting his head back towards the grey sky.

Craig crinkled his nose, amused. "What are you doing now?"

"What, didn't you ever do this? Try to catch a snowflake?"

"No. You're silly, you know that."

"You had a deprived childhood, mate."

Craig tilted his head to one side and watched as Orlando stood in the middle of the field, arms and tongue outstretched, looking like an impossibly beautiful scarecrow. He wasn't paying attention to anything except the snow, and occasionally he'd jump forward, trying to get in the way of a flake's descent. Craig grinned at the sight.

After a few moments of this he crept up behind Orlando and ran his fingers up Orli's ribs, gently tickling. A shriek of sharp staccato laughter pierced the air and Orlando collapsed in a fit of giggles, twisting round so he could grab Craig and pull them both down.

They had a tickle fight, rolling on the ground, fingers squeezing sides and legs and backs. Laughter mixed with snowflakes on the wind. When they stopped Craig was on top of Orlando, and they were both breathing heavily, flushed and giddy. Orli raised his head and rubbed the tip of his nose against Craig's.

"It's cold enough for Eskimos," Craig said.

Orli smiled a little wider then kissed Craig a few times on the rough skin around his mouth, then square on the lips. They melted into each other.


A few hours later they were in much the same position, except naked and in Craig's double bed, with dirty sheets twisted around their legs.

Craig ran his fingers through Orli's short hair, a dreamy expression on his face. Orlando bent his head forward and nibbled at the tender skin at the nape of Craig's neck.

"Do you love me?" Craig needed reassurance.

Orli stopped nibbling and looked up into Craig's eyes. "You know I do. You're the silly one."

"I love you too."

"I know."

They kissed for a few precious seconds more then Orlando pushed Craig gently to one side. "I'm hungry. Fancy some tea and toast?"

Craig nodded. "Yeah."

Orli slid out of the bed and padded across the hardwood floor, bum swaying. Craig's gaze followed it until it turned out of sight, then he lay back on to his pillows and sighed.

Orlando wasn't lying to him, but that's because he was here, and this was now. When they were together Orlando did love him, and Craig knew that, as much as anyone could be certain of such things. But later, when Orlando was away once again, back to the latest location shoot, Craig couldn't be so sure.

It didn't help he was paranoid, Craig knew that too. He always had been a little possessive with his boyfriends and on top of that he was scarcely able to believe that such a beautiful young man could be in love with him. Trouble was the occasional confession of indiscretion on Orlando's part and the many rumours that travelled from the set would confirm his suspicions and fuel his doubts.

He could elicit solemn promises from Orlando that it would never happen again, but it only needed a bit of alcohol and the promises were forgotten. Craig was sure that when Orlando was with those local lads, or those crewmembers, or those extras, that he was as completely sincere in his declarations of affection as he was when with Craig. He sought comfort in the fact that at the least he most likely had the only permanent place in Orli's heart.

But he was on the set a fraction of the time Orli was there, and all too often it was a case of out of sight, out of mind.

Which made it very hard to love Orlando - but then it was also so easy, because Orli was smart and funny and generous and oh-so-sexy. Even if, without a trace of malice, he always ended up hurting Craig.

And Craig would carry on regardless because maybe one day Orlando would stay within his grasp. If he waited long enough.


After he'd pulled on a pair of boxer shorts Craig wandered through to the kitchen. The radio was on, and Kim Wilde was singing "Kids in America". His back to the door, Orli was dancing back and forth and singing tunelessly along as he made the tea, still quite naked. Craig thought it was so adorable his heart might burst.

He slid up behind Orlando and placed his hands on Orli's hips, swaying in time to the music. Orli pressed into him.

"So when are you away?" Craig said, lightly kissing the back of Orli's head.

"La la la la few hours la la la la."

A few more hours and then he'd lose Orlando. Until the next time. Craig thought about their day.

"Hey, Orli? I have tried to catch a snowflake, you know. Once."

"Did you use your tongue?"

Craig laughed. "Amongst other things, yeah."