Being With a Man


It was a cold night in New Zealand.

They had found their way back to Elijah's warm bed, exhausted after dinner and dancing at one of Orlando's many favourite clubs.  Both had showered and climbed under the thick white covers of Elijah's bed collapsing together in a warm embrace. They had talked and laughed for hours, chatting to one another in the dark. To just lie in each other's arms, caressing one another, talking and joking for hours, was one of their favourite things to do.  Dom always made Elijah laugh the most.  Elijah loved listening to Dom's stories, his past loves, his past embarrassments, his past anything because Elijah didn't really have a past to speak of.  He was young, nineteen, and had lived at home his entire life.  His lover on the other hand was twenty-three and had lived through several more experiences.

Elijah turned over and pushed his back closer in to Dom's front. They continued talking and began rocking gently together.  They both knew where this would lead, and they both wanted it.  Dom's hand started moving slightly across Elijah's bare chest finding the erect dark nipples and gently rubbing a thumb against them. Elijah had once told Dom that this gesture was one that would always get him in the mood because it made him feel dirty.  So, Dom watched as Elijah's mood changed, from gentle young lover to dirty and lusting.  He could feel it in the ways Elijah moved back against the light rocking, the way he stretched his chest so Dom could play with both nipples simultaneously, the way he opened his legs to accommodate his rapidly growing cock.  Dom watched all this somewhat detached, imagining Elijah's face, the look flashing across his deep blue eyes and spreading across his flushed cheeks.

Dom's hand was outstretched, thumb sweeping across right nipple, middle finger flicking the left.  Elijah's now desperate rocking began to affect Dom's soft dick too.  Now red and swollen, nudging the cleft in his younger lover's arse, Dom's cock began to weep from the slit at the top.  Elijah could feel the male lubrication spreading across his arsehole, could feel the preparation Dom was taking to get his boyfriend ready for a thorough fuck.

Elijah turned over and faced Dom. Their lips met in a bruising kiss, deep and wet and full of tongue.  They held each other's heads and rocked their cocks together. Elijah could feel the wetness from Dom's slit seeping on to his own.  Or was it Elijah's own wetness?  He couldn't distinguish whose was whose as they continued their lust filled fuck.  The hand that Dom had used to rub Elijah's nipples made a slow journey for Elijah's tight hole, preparing to open it for his cock. Elijah spread his legs when he felt Dom's hand slide between his cheeks and waited for the initial penetration.  To Elijah, even though this initial opening was with something small and not as full as his boyfriend's dick, it was his favourite because it was the first time his body was invaded.  But instead, Dom's hand continued its journey and found Elijah's heavy balls and began an absolutely mind blowing rub.

Elijah whimpered and gasped for air, throwing his legs open wider and rolled on his back.  Dom, finding his arm trapped beneath Elijah's body moved also so that he was resting between Elijah's open legs.  Their cocks were trapped together also, rubbed gently between them as they kissed.  Dom moved an index finger to their kiss and invaded Elijah's mouth as their tongues intertwined.  When he was satisfied that his finger was wet enough, Dom moved it to the tight hole between his boyfriend's cheeks and slowly moved inside with a circular motion. He knew from other lovemaking sessions that Elijah died when Dom used a circular motion on his arsehole. Dom looked down at his hand between Elijah's legs, saw the thick cock standing upright with its wet tip just touching Dom's stomach. He loved being with a man. He loved seeing cock and balls and come. He loved arses and beards and short hair.

Elijah moved slightly so that he could thrust on the two fingers that were now stretching his anus open. Dom had sat on his knees and decided to watch his fingers moving in his boyfriend.  He liked to watch and knew that Elijah liked to be watched.  It made them both feel dirty, like porn stars, like whores.  Elijah liked to be called a whore.  Elijah liked to be called a whore, but moreso a fucking whore, and Dom began to growl as he moved a third finger inside him.

Elijah spread his legs as wide as they could go and lifted his knees up so that his hole was easier for Dom to access.  Dom moved his other hand and grabbed the base of Elijah's thick cock.  He held it tight, made the blood circulation tighten and hence heighten the pleasure of gentle caresses across its tip. Elijah loved to be held tight. He loved Dom grabbing his cock and controlling him.  Dom bent forwards on his knees and took the soft tip of Elijah's hard dick in to his willing wet mouth and began to suckle shallowly on it.  Elijah's head flew up from the pillow when he felt Dom's mouth on him and watched as Dom's thin lips made gentle sucks on the circumcised head.  He could feel Dom tonguing his slit, could feel Dom sucking at the pre-come that had been glistening in the moonlight before. Elijah began rocking his hips, amazed at how it felt to have his cock in someone's mouth while there were fingers inside his body.  Dom could feel Elijah becoming a little too excited; he could feel Elijah's scrotum become tighter. So he stopped.

He took his mouth off Elijah's penis, slipped his fingers out of his arse and sat back on his knees.  He looked down then to see Elijah's incredibly upset face looking down at his cock. He looked greedy, like he needed to devour his flesh.  So Dom decided to put on a show for him.  He reached down and began to toy with the tip of his own erection, drawing the pre-come from the slit in his uncircumcised prick and spreading it along his shaft. Elijah watched in amazement at his boyfriend as Dom continued to fist his own cock.  Dom moved then and pulled Elijah's down the bed as he moved up. Resting on his hands and knees over Elijah's body, Dom lowered himself so that Elijah's greedy little mouth could just reach the tip of Dom's dripping prick.  Elijah raised his head of the pillow and licked like a whore at Dom's prick.  Tasting him, teasing him, fucking him with his tongue.

Dom stopped and flipped Elijah over. He parted Elijah's arse with one hand and used the other to guide himself in to the tight ring as Elijah gripped the sheets and swore out in to the cold night air. Dom thrust in deep, reaching Elijah's prostate immediately. Elijah groaned and bent his head sideways so that Dom could kiss him thoroughly from the side.  Elijah began his whimper moans, a sign that he is about to come, so Dom thrust in fast and hard, deep and thorough.  Elijah could feel the tingle build in his groin and spread to his stomach. He felt the liquid shoot from his cock and wet the sheets beneath him.  But Dom continued thrusting groaning degradation in to Elijah's ear. He called him a cunt, a fucking poofter, a fag whore until he himself finally felt the spread of orgasm take hold of him.  He shot his warm white come in to his boyfriend's body, his hips losing rhythm as he lost control. He fell to Elijah's side, softening cock slipping out of his lover's arse as he did so.  He placed a hand to sooth the no doubt sore hole, and felt the steady and slow drip of his come from Elijah's body.  Elijah still thrust slowly in to the bed, the wet fabric causing a delicious friction against his trapped soft cock.

He loved the way Dom was degrading and dirty through their fuck and then gentle and soothing straight after.  Elijah rolled boneless on to his side and kissed Dom's swollen lips gently and warm.

Their kiss lasted until Dom was too tired to move and Elijah's body fell limp in to sleep.  When Dom awoke several hours later he whispered 'I love you' in to Elijah's bed hair and kissed his forehead.